….And that sense of co-iencidences !

Headphones are plugged in, the most played song in my playlist is playing which is photograph by nickleblack and I am lying here in my closet . Music , often described as that connectivity between humans that can connect any two broken hearts or any lovers trying to confront each other or any friendship bond which is about to break ,they say music heals the bruises of the heart break or any pain that a person goes through . To me music has been that piece of entertainment without which I cannot imagne to pass my day ,midnight, night or evening .In A very abriged way I live for music .

Sometimes there are situations which need to be controlled,sometimes there are situations which needs to be handled not with emotions but mind, and sometimes there are situations composed of both the heart and mind . What we humans actually lack in is co ordination with our alma mater of world . We think that the technological era is all that a man had to have a good life. But wait , we need that cup of grip which can take us to the depth of our mythological experiences .it can be by any source . God himself can give us a road or a singnal onto which these situations would vanish in a blink of eye .

Love and music are like those strings of guitar by which a tune cant be made if not played together.they act like the most essential goods for the making of ice . Love of all kinds love for family ,your spouse every kind of love that humans are honored with . By the song ,photograph I am remembered of an incident that somehow goes into my co iencidences list . how can a thing happen just after two years of i getting knowledge about it .its like your favourite star getting to you without you knowing . Coiencidences are wonderful as far as the players of it are honest and reliable . Real co iencidences do happen ask me i have been exposed to destiny by the miracles of humans.

Life is full of surprises of coiencidences and destiny ,the thing we need to do is make a sketch of things we meet between this programme of life ..

Figures of speeches in life .


The silver lining of the moon, the circle of the  yellow sun ,the blue outline of oceans and the white sketch of the sky above makes me go into some frozen time of my life which to me had never been revealed nor will be but I still think of the story hidden and wonder about the plot and the writer .Yes to me it was just a frame put up on the wall with some hidden real faces to which I was unknown . I am talking about the moment when i got frozed for absolutely 10 minutes but which seemed to me like my whole life that photograph frame near the table of wood closely attached to the wall .

The sound of the water flowing from the tap in my washroom had just struck my ears when suddenly I stared at a photo frame .I was remembered about the ode in which the poet  is stuck to the sight of a graciun run and he reveales all the benefits of it to himself .How beautiful are the thoughts of poets, I told myself not lifting my eye from that photograph frame . what was it ? was it just a memoir , was it just a piece of mirror nicely decorated and put up or was it a story written by lexicographer ?I had these questions in my mind while I closed the tap in the washroom . Coming back to my room i had my eyes fixed to the frame not knowing it had hypnotized me and I was kind of suppressed by it . My soul was like that one piece of magnet that had attracted to another . I was lost in the frame totally . It was a very well decorated frame , silver beads and the beautiful crimson lace over it had added to its glory but what would have been there so deep that it made me hypnotized that it made me lost all my power ,it was like that situation where we find our soul wrestling with the words of the world and people living in it .I was perplexed and startled.In the picture of the frame there was a hot fuming sun red in color , Orange to be more appropriate .and a girl I guess of my age with my type of hair and one dress which I wear more frequently in my home .And a horse that seemed to be running and running to its desired target that was unknown .

If somebody would have asked me about the personality of the girl I would have just told him that she was a girl beyond the world , she was the girl of irony,because she was unaware of the moments that were going around her while she sat in the garden , she is like that of alliteration which keeps on repeating her thoughts to her mind and not letting them burst to someone , she is like a personification of beauty because lord had made her perfect ,her smile ,her eyes,lips ,hair and everything she possessed  was just a miracle hence beauty was personified ., She had that charm which even let the birds speak , she was all in all that one piece of which the earth was unknown . she was the perfect example of a ballad which kept on dancing on the tunes of song . But somewhere in her eyebrows there was a mystery as to who she was ? what was she doing on this earth ?There was an elegy that was hidden from the rest of the world but to her soul there was a question what made her look so beautiful .this is how I could have best described the girl .

The horse that was trying to run but in a picture it seemed to have stopped running for it had somewhat realized that patience is the best friend .That life is-int that easy  that we thing it to be and there has to be made apprehensions on it .That life is not always in an apple pie order and it got to have be on sixes and sevens . that moment i pondered about my late life and a feeling of pathos ran throughout me .

As to the questions asked by girl were true to a large extent . We humans dont know the creator of our souls .We just praise our families for they are their for us but how often do we thank the creator of our outline the bodies.And that moment i confronted to God i thanked him to taking his precious time in making me for I neither know what day would be my last and what day would be my farewell .i made a soliloquy with myself that was purely a remorseful speech given by a ordinary piece of mud to GOD .

And that moment I was woke up by the call of Nightingale and i saw myself more wiser . Though the time I had been frozen was a part of some glorious dream but i made it a point I GET to prayer at every step I took for i didn’t know which would be my last.

In my life figures of speeches has surely got to me the right path for I was longing for ! 


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Crimson sun is what my eyes first met with this beautiful morning , and it was a sight worth million photograph snaps to put the sight into record and add to one more memoirs .Memoirs how beautiful is the word yet painful . Irony is this that the poets and the literature family beautifully pens and has penned down each belonging to their diaries , and they let us feel the situations life can put us into and some of them we have already .I always had my antipathy towards the scientists of the world for they made life ten times more difficult that what it was . We all know life is a huge deal ,a deal between man and GOD,why do the scientists have to add more to it by mixing carbon with oxygen or some magnesium with calcium i mean wait didn’t they practice EXCELSIOR .It sets me like get a life dude .

So this morning I sat on my garden table with a lace embroidered frock and i wore my hair open and saw the birds while they flied amid-st the cloud . The word at this sight at the tip of my mouth was BEAUTIFUL and it was really . It felt like why couldn’t man just rush to positivity and leave behind negativity like the Bird just flied amid-st the clouds with the essence of freedom in it , it set me like how beautiful the nature was .

Again at that moment i saw a mother cat giving a cuddle to her young a kitten in our garden here just beside me .They left me wondering as to how BEAUTIFUL is the relation of mother and children at each different level . Mother the beautiful angel .

I was mesmerized at this sight of my nature in my home and then suddenly someone knocked the door out of nowhere . Startled i was but i came down from the table i was sitting on and opened the door which led me go into the sight of a beggar and his naked children asking for food and some money .

I couldn’t resist myself but to call them inside and let them sit at comfort and prepare some food and give them some money so that i could just make my existence worth of something . As the parent started feeding his children i began weeping to my fullest . As to how can God be so biased in making some rich and some poor . As to why cant every one be a beggar begging for HIS creations and mercies or why cant every one be a billaniore. They had finished there food and bid me adieu . While I stood still amazed at this point of diversity . And then when i looked in the mirror i realized a thing a big thing which was unknown to me .

When we come to this earth we our nine months in our mothers womb , nobody knows what we will be a girl or a boy . All our praying for the healthy delivery of ours to which almighty blesses the couple with the good . So we come into this materialistic world where their our ruins of people who are selfish ,immature and poignant . We try to be original but somewhere in our mind we have the negativity and the inferiority complex running through our veins . Because this is a world of competition .we try to be what others want to be not what we are and at this point we loose our selves and loose our relation from soul . The problem lies that we dont have time for our own selves ,we dont look life through the doomsday view .we all want to make is money and be powerful and that’s the moment our lives are complicated .

What we need to do is spend time with our own self . Play some of our favorite playlists .dance ,sing ,and do positive things that make us happy . Abandon the world for that moment because it surely needs perks of being you .that is the moment you will find the happiest person alive and the most beautiful too . For you will realize that god had made you perfect . He has given you eyes to see his creations ,hands to use the wonders to the fullest and above all your body and mind to praise his wonders .and at this point you smile along and sing out loud the song of you are beautiful .

Beyond the seas people will make comparisons of your beauties ,but remember the time you had got the perks of being you . !

Diamonds of the first water !

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There always has been  a strict difference or comparison between your acquaintances and friends .Many among us are still confused at the point of difference between these two or is there really any  between them .To me in my childhood age friends seem to have been a part of some fairy tale ,and to be honest a mystery .For I loved to distance myself from the crowd .They called me inconsistent for I was sometime friendly and at other rude and they had a doubt was I even a real FRIEND or was I just another random girl making her acquaintances .I didn’t know the cause behind my behavior maybe I was meant to be like that or maybe i needed that change ,or maybe it was who I was .Coming to my acquaintances i had like huge amount of them like really huge .I was famous both being online and offline and to my acquaintances i was more dear and that came to me when i at every step of my life reflected upon my group of friends .This is not a remorseful article that I am writing to my readers its just that I want to thank my friends for letting me know the real worth of my acquaintances and people who loved me . They say at every birthday we dont get older but wiser its so true I mean  the writer of this line wouldn’t  have even thought for a second the impact this line would create on his readers . writers are blessings from GOD . My life was in absolutely apple pie order when I came to that point of my life where social network seem to be the end of the world the ultimate . I started making myself famous,started making my social world ,started to have that identity which every teenager like me would have dreamt of . My life was like those among perfect ones .But they also have said that every thing has  a double face , like we toss a coin and the other face is revealed but we  dont know whats going it to be a head or tails . I started repenting on my being famous when none was beside me at any point of my need .its like the clap is-int made by just one hand .It needs both . Being good from your side only doesn’t help at all you got to choose between good and bad at each question even at the people whom they call as friends .And at a pinch of their own I used to get a reflection of my friends ,and believe me i didn’t have single clue as to what made us change ,they would call us perfect group so why this difference ,why this backstabbing ?At some points we even built a dagger in between but that’s not between the friends but why did that happen I still am clueless and left wondering .

At alpha and omega of my friendship bonds i somehow realized a very serious thing about life . What we decide ,or what we plan doesn’t happen so accordingly .for life is sometimes a bitch and at other a mess . I always found that void in my soul that let me think that maybe I was born to live alone like this or maybe among the best of the crowd I would be chosen by  some real good souls and not the fake ones to which i defined FRIENDS in my dictionary .I founded myself always at sea when talked about who was my best friend because I couldn’t count on any except my family and my own good soul .Maybe I was my own good best friend or maybe my family was, they were and would be those parts of my body that if detached would bring only death for me .Shakespeare has been so good to himself in saying that world is a stage and we the mere players . Player to be honest I have been to my life .   sometimes hard and sometimes cool , sometimes narrow sometimes broad sometimes loving sometimes the real bad one , yes a player to my life .My life has been between the devil and the deep sea and ALL i could recollect is that my family was beside me just my family . I am not like one born with a silver spoon in mouth who could all the way enjoy the goodness of the life ,I was among those who build castles in the air and thought of the perfect life and ending . But life teaches us to be practical at every step of our lives . I am glad I wasn’t among the one born in the silver spoon in mouth for what life is actually calls out for the people who are at sixes and sevens . 

And at this point of my life I would like to thank all my acquaintances (friends including) to show me the real bond between me and my family and above all the importance of my loved ones . I am no perfect for I am no intelligent but the thing is that I am a little closer to my life one step ahead from all those who think the moon can be deceptive but there friends cant . And maybe I was the unluckiest among the crowd for having no such friend to count on or I was closer to life and more richer because I had my own family as my best friend forever !. Whatever is it ,this is the good bye to all who thought me unworthy because if there is no body on your side family and your own shadow would be like always . and this family is surely DIAMONDS OF THE FIRST WATER .;)



EYES are such a natural wonder,
Dont let them ruin in staring at each other
Let it see how waterfalls come to end
and let it not point out one’s own actions !

We live in a society where EYES take a journey,
To which today’s generation rebel and ask for mercy
For EYES have been there for watching the moons and stars
Dont let it create a murder of one’s dear soul .

What is the matter with those black eyes?
Is it looking for somebody inside my body ?
I had these questions inside my head and mind
When a group of scoundrels stared at me like a night !

In the night when beloved’s make love,
They stare at each other for long and fall
Thats i guess the wonderfull part of eye
Making two souls into one , is a startled bliss it has .

walking on the street i wore a dress half sleeves
Eyes from round the corner stood up and stared at me
I am no slut or no whore that could be teased
I am just an original me with the dress of half sleeves ,

GOD has created the EYES for watching the beauties he has created,
Why polute it by the indecent miseries
Heart has been there craving for both good and bad
But there are our eyes which behold the good from the untold cries .

So let us hold our EYES together for making a better tomorrow,
For our generations would seek lessons from our present eyes
Dont let them ruin this miracle of GOD
For they are the angels unborn !