As Rumi says it!

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Lost in the dreams , created by illusions , mentioned in the fairy tales , life is lived by the humans. Humans to be more precised are the epitome of being alive , like they have the most of the experiences about life ,eclipsing the life lived by other alive beings on earth . For human is the most wisest and intelligent of all . But how far is it truth? Like how is he so sure about sun rising the next day ? What if the light didn’t appear after a tunnel , its all up-to God so why does human still call himself the creator of universe .? Some of these questions and many other need to be pondered about . In the era’s of the science and literature era where newton described gravity and Shakespeare the romantic love between romeo and Juliet there was a reality that was known to all which is unrevealed to this mankind of world. The reality of an end the death . like they knew about the deep reality of life that is it is a farce and it has no meaning ,and maybe that’s the cause they didn’t believe in money making but knowledge be it of any kind but they were the earlier humans .

In this materialistic world where our greed’s and needs surpasses the religious rituals have made humans to target of blindness . They have eyes but still the darkness creeps in . Among  the so many beautiful things God has bestowed us he still longs for money , and the rank he desires of . He plays it like a chess game where he is the king and his love the only queen . And nobody else hardly matters. He doesn’t realize that within a blink of time he can find himself in darkness and it would appear him like his big dream . Every human has lost the essence of living in today’s mankind and its not too late for him to realize that sun rises from the west too . Among st the nature the human dwells in his pride and wishes for the victory not caring about the bad and good deeds . Giving reference about the apple picking poem of Robert frost which clearly states that humans have forgotten to deal with their deeds and have lost the track which would lead to their supreme. He forgets that he is a traveler ,life a journey and this love,heart break ,relationships a farce ,what he really forgets is the supreme up above . As rumi says it ‘i know where i am going as much as the ball that’s rolling.!’ needs to be reflected more then its surface meaning for its the reality lost in the group of clouds.

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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