girl_childWhere world comprises of a country like the USA where the buildings have overrated human population ,where modernism is to such an extent that a 5 year old kid is given a job in a confectionary shop just because he has got skills at cooking ,there are places in the same one world where still backwardness creeps ,where still silence rules and where still darkness prevails .If anyone happens to go over the magazines ,the census will show that India is among those countries which are enlisted in the list of the backwardness .Classifying development and change in two aspects one can clearly state  India’s development into different categories ,and sectors .Whereas talking about the change ,there is much more to ponder about . Change has to come within the root ,difference comes when some individual starts making it not by some blacksheeps of the society .Google defines change as that aspect of society that becomes different ,a proposal to change the law ,the act or instance of making or becoming different and words like  alter ,exchange ,shift are rated its synonyms.Reflecting upon this difference what change has India given it’s people ? And for instance if there is a change ,what is it ? where is it lost ?why isn’t it visible ?

female-infanticide2Its sad to learn that ,where world is yet to become the most powerful ,there are some societies where gender discriminations still prevails .MAN vs WOMAN ,how far is it even correct ?If there would have been a discrimination between these two sexes God himself would have not made them for HE disowns inequality .so who is the mankind ? who are people to bifurcate the humans into castes.Life isn’t simple at all,but why complicate it .According to the JAPAN TIME newspaper ” The recent rape of a 5-year-old-girl in India underscores the seriousness of the phenomenon in the country. The girl had been missing since 2010 in New Delhi, and the police had failed to take adequate action to find her. She was one of the 90,000 children who vanish every year in India.”They say 90% causes for rape is the woman clothing ,HOW on earth could a 5 year old kid be a subject of attraction . Female feticide is the earliest and most brutal manifestation of violence against women. Researchers for The Lancet estimate that more than 500,000 girls are being lost annually through sex selective abortions. Female fetuses are selectively aborted after prenatal sex determination. Sometimes the elimination of women occurs even after they are born. This situation of female infanticide has existed in for centuries in India.Feticide began in the early 1990s when ultrasound techniques became widely used in India. Many families continuously produce children until a male child is born. The reason is that boys are deemed more useful than girls. Boys have the exclusive right to inherit the family name and properties, and have the advantage of being allowed to be more productive in agriculture. Religious practices for their parent’s after life can only be performed by males, so they are also a status symbol for their families.

Being humane ,is the only thing that we humans are lacking .The need of the hour is to broaden our vision and open the skies of hope .If these things are still prevailing we should as a citizen of society look over the reason and try to find the core of it .why is it actually happening .what are the remedies.ask these questions to yourself and try to seek the answer .female-infanticide-gr

Woman ,mother,girl ,female,sister ,a friend why suppress these creations.The erudites have said that respect woman and the world will respect you , why not follow the policy of equality .In India, violence against women can take several forms. Women of any class or religion can be victims of acid-throwing, a cruel form of punishment that can disfigure women for life and even kill them. According to perpetrators, it is an action meant to put women in their place for defying cultural norms. The U.N. Population Fund reports that up to 70 percent of married women aged 15-49 in India are victims of beatings or coerced sex.


The reasons to this kind of society is the male gender of pride,the indifference towards the sisters of home,lack of knowledge ,the buying and selling of cocaine and liquor .If we want our country to prosper we should take a pledge to stop these ruthless acts .For there were female God “s of chastity ,virginity to which some population still worships ,why pollute the word woman . The recent rape cases in India are not isolated incidents. They are just manifestations of a discriminating situation that starts at the womb, in a society that persists in treating women as second class citizens. Unless this fact is accepted by Indian society, and appropriate laws are enforced, any measures to overcome this situation will only be palliative, and will not solve this important problem facing that country.The need of the hour is the change within our self perspective .optimism is the thing to be build among individuals. negative things need to eradicate .


I hope for a dawn and a morning in our country where the social discrimination would hide itself from the clouds and the equality would flourish because the quran says :What! Do those who seek after evil ways think that We shall hold them equal with those who believe and do righteous deeds, – that equal with their life and their death? Ill is the judgment that they make. God created the heavens and the earth for just ends, and in order that each soul may find the recompense of what it has earned, and none of them be wronged.”[Al-Qur’an 45:21


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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