Love to my BLOG!!

There would be a time from now ,

some one month ahead Image 

I would be in a company of some dark clouds 

to which i would have made my friends ..


But I know somewhere around that crowd,

you will be standing there for me 

erect and not naive 

you will keep control of me..


The last door I went inside was in my kindergarden ,

I was a shy girl with a golden curls rolling

Then wasn’t the matter of death and time,

but today’s story is a different part.


I will be perplexed when i would go inside the door

they will ask me some random questions .

I would be dumbfounded and also quiet

for it will be my first time ever .


But baby the love I have for you ,

will meet no boundaries of naive

it will run like the horses in the fields

and spark like the star of the night.


This goes to my first interview being an adult

held somewhere around this month of may 

I dont give a DAMN to the questions

for my blog would be there .


Trust me I will tell them about my friendship with you

for you would decide my future and nobody else would do 

best friend its a small tribute that what you mean to me

you are not my blog but my soul in black and white too..

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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