Chapter 1


HOW many in this world are actually lucky? lucky IN terms of money,lucky in terms of fortune,lucky in terms of escaping the wrath of some freaked out neighbour and lucky in some gamble.How many actually?but to me the word lucky just means to be born .i mean world is vast and we humans are carried in some random person’s womb which we call later on our mother’s..i mean how more a person can be lucky ?.LUCKY always reminds me of the song by Jason mraz counted in my favorite list of singers. to be born is just like any other magic performed by a magician and a food produced by a cook.experienced magician would get a round of applause while performing his stunts and a cook if produced a good food would be a chef a one step ahead. And birth to me is like the same thing where God is the magician and we are his magic.

So coming to the memory lane of my birth , i can reflect upon the day very well. It was 30-08-1994,as they say i am a 90’s kid. When i look now at the babies cradle in hospitals and in it babies looking here and their with heterogeneity at peak i wonder what would i have been dreaming about at this stage of my life. Would i have ever got a glimpse of this moment when i am writing a book or would have i just made it something more great. i WONDER yes i do, and i can make an estimate that many among my crowd of fans would have also . For we are humans and humans do imagine . So i was a healthy child born at 3of the night.blessing my parents with trouble in the future or a real bliss to which the result is still hanging for i still exist.
Existence is the thing that i still lack. For existence to me is like bon jovi,bob Marley  to which present generation still hail,and i being just another creature hanging to the calamities and blessings of life and still wondering who am i? .. I guess be i 40 years of age or 20 my existence would count just then when 9 person among ten would hail my name and the tenth would be repenting on his lack of knowledge for not knowing me . This should be my existence and my quest for life like it always has been the truth about life . Why is life and what is it ?

So , to me world is just as same as Shakespeare that is a stage and we are players. And to add one more theory to it ,its a set of existence and also imagination that makes our life worth . And if somebody in future would ask my children about the meaning of life they should be ready to answer it through their own self optimistic perception .


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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