Echo !

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I have heard them a thousand times

merely ignored for I got no chance

but now when I  belong to the mountains

I want to here them for one more time .

What are they ?

a dilemma ?or

a reality ?

Since I dont know there nature

I want to smell there fragrance .

They come to me at night

make me feel creepy and eerie ,

but they dont have a fixed time

for they come in a daylight .

I witness a wrath inside me ,

for I cant reflect upon them

they make me blink and i get sleep

they hypnotize me before the dark knight .

Then in my dreams i have unknown faces

which relate to my known cases ,

There are echoes of unheard cries

which let me burn in disguise .

Then when i am lost in a tunnel

they appear before me again,

i cannot relate the thing they are telling because

they are the words merely echoing .

Then when the dark knight disappears

I get to see myself in the mirror ,

where i have the voice of my echoes

that says to me that alive is awesome .

I let the door open and sunshine surpass

they were nothing just antonyms of the shrinking

sent by the heavenly master up above

to let me live beyond the echoes of life !!


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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