…But then !!

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There are walls made inside and outside

walls of poignancy ,and hatred all around

some are even being nice in nature

because they have created the walls of happiness .

but then who will break these walls ?

but then who will sneak from these ?

because life goes on my dear

but then you haven’t  sung the song of  hymn.

world is place of emotions,built with some random relations

where only family counts  , all others just vanish in the end

it has places that are big enough for one to praise

but the walls of the selfish nature have been raised .

but then who will answer HIM ?

but then who will seek for forgiveness

because our lives is a  test my dear

but then we have to meet with the hell .

The world doesn’t end in beautifying the body

for there where the literates and scientists full of knowledge

but all met with the accident of life ,

all were buried in the earth .

but then why does HE create ?

but then why do we survive ?

because O my dear life is a farce  ,

but then  even Shakespeare died .

SO lets make it a rule ,not to make any pool

for there are enough walls in our home

but none to protect us from the world

because they are just clay’s and nothing more.

and when the walls are broken

my dear i would make a promise

to hold the people in a circle

so that they wont scatter .

but then we are not the end

but then generations have to come

but we can set an example of being better ,for

but then my dear there is just life and nothing else.

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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