It stands perfectly , amid-st the crowd its the most epic

there are many more but it has got the spark

there are good_byes , exit and entrances

there are tears and smiles .

The captain lets the others in a huge wide door

to the door where,there stands a worship place

woes and promises are sung

to carry on  journey of the night .

They are unaware of the calamities

but still the ropes of trust are knotted

ladies with the brown brow

wink at the window of hopes .

Now there are different episodes to watch

some are being romantic especially the lovers

some are blinking in respect of sleep

and some write like that man in the corner .

This ship which stood erect was epic

it was huge merely carrying one lakh

beyond the sea there were dreams

there were hopes in this ship unrevealed .

This SHIP had its destination in some north

who would have known that it would get numb .

and it would meet a wreck

amid-st the vast waist there would be cries of miseries.

There was no ship floating in next fifteen minutes ,

there were bodies ,dead bodies floating in a circle

calamities were such that they couldn’t be rescued

and the ship that was epic was now ready to meet with a sink .

There was just a holder and the paper ,

that had not met with edges of water

it was the diary of the man in the corner

which read a very truth of the century .

HIs writing had appeared in the paper early morning,

and the  children playing in the garden held the newspaper

they read the words loud of the deceased

to which they met a reality .

the words were as follows;

O my creator ,O my destroyer

you make me your puppet

carry me wherever you want

I dont give a sigh in return

BUT you take my body instead,

early morning when my words would be sung

the old ladies will met with an end ,

because in my words i have revealed 

the story of my life wreck .


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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