….And that sense of co-iencidences !

Headphones are plugged in, the most played song in my playlist is playing which is photograph by nickleblack and I am lying here in my closet . Music , often described as that connectivity between humans that can connect any two broken hearts or any lovers trying to confront each other or any friendship bond which is about to break ,they say music heals the bruises of the heart break or any pain that a person goes through . To me music has been that piece of entertainment without which I cannot imagne to pass my day ,midnight, night or evening .In A very abriged way I live for music .

Sometimes there are situations which need to be controlled,sometimes there are situations which needs to be handled not with emotions but mind, and sometimes there are situations composed of both the heart and mind . What we humans actually lack in is co ordination with our alma mater of world . We think that the technological era is all that a man had to have a good life. But wait , we need that cup of grip which can take us to the depth of our mythological experiences .it can be by any source . God himself can give us a road or a singnal onto which these situations would vanish in a blink of eye .

Love and music are like those strings of guitar by which a tune cant be made if not played together.they act like the most essential goods for the making of ice . Love of all kinds love for family ,your spouse every kind of love that humans are honored with . By the song ,photograph I am remembered of an incident that somehow goes into my co iencidences list . how can a thing happen just after two years of i getting knowledge about it .its like your favourite star getting to you without you knowing . Coiencidences are wonderful as far as the players of it are honest and reliable . Real co iencidences do happen ask me i have been exposed to destiny by the miracles of humans.

Life is full of surprises of coiencidences and destiny ,the thing we need to do is make a sketch of things we meet between this programme of life ..

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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