…And I knew about today !


There is a sense of passion,
There is a wall of silence
I want to share but i am silent
I know you want too ,but you are playing it shy !

That essence of closeness,
That love for me from you
I know there will be a time
When the limit of closeness would have no walls!

I know I distanced you ,
But believe me i was giving it a try
You didnt ask about me
Not even in your dreams !

I had that trust inside me,
It was of no use when you broke it
You were rude after we talked
But i stayed quiet because i gave it a chance!

Now when we aint that close,
My world ,my nights goes in vain
They pass by i watching the luna
I bet you dont even find me in the burning sun!

I am afraid that this might break,
We may fall apart
Things may get at curve
But ill be here listening to you !

World is full of music,
We will know each others too
The situation of not knowing the emotion
Would fail and the rythm of love would sail !

I know i am being a child ,
For i know you love the girl of the town
But i am here ,remaining quiet
Because i know i have been lucky ,this time i shall Too

And when my beloved ,time will come
you and I will meet at skyfall
Remember the words you had told me
About the girl you loved in the town!

let i then show you my magic
Over the seas that i had written a poem
Vultures and witches had there coffins ready
Eagles and the queen had there feast !

Demons and satan stories had met an end,
angels and fairies had flied all over
Because you had told me about a girl in town
I was the one writing thy a poem !!

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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