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Crimson sun is what my eyes first met with this beautiful morning , and it was a sight worth million photograph snaps to put the sight into record and add to one more memoirs .Memoirs how beautiful is the word yet painful . Irony is this that the poets and the literature family beautifully pens and has penned down each belonging to their diaries , and they let us feel the situations life can put us into and some of them we have already .I always had my antipathy towards the scientists of the world for they made life ten times more difficult that what it was . We all know life is a huge deal ,a deal between man and GOD,why do the scientists have to add more to it by mixing carbon with oxygen or some magnesium with calcium i mean wait didn’t they practice EXCELSIOR .It sets me like get a life dude .

So this morning I sat on my garden table with a lace embroidered frock and i wore my hair open and saw the birds while they flied amid-st the cloud . The word at this sight at the tip of my mouth was BEAUTIFUL and it was really . It felt like why couldn’t man just rush to positivity and leave behind negativity like the Bird just flied amid-st the clouds with the essence of freedom in it , it set me like how beautiful the nature was .

Again at that moment i saw a mother cat giving a cuddle to her young a kitten in our garden here just beside me .They left me wondering as to how BEAUTIFUL is the relation of mother and children at each different level . Mother the beautiful angel .

I was mesmerized at this sight of my nature in my home and then suddenly someone knocked the door out of nowhere . Startled i was but i came down from the table i was sitting on and opened the door which led me go into the sight of a beggar and his naked children asking for food and some money .

I couldn’t resist myself but to call them inside and let them sit at comfort and prepare some food and give them some money so that i could just make my existence worth of something . As the parent started feeding his children i began weeping to my fullest . As to how can God be so biased in making some rich and some poor . As to why cant every one be a beggar begging for HIS creations and mercies or why cant every one be a billaniore. They had finished there food and bid me adieu . While I stood still amazed at this point of diversity . And then when i looked in the mirror i realized a thing a big thing which was unknown to me .

When we come to this earth we our nine months in our mothers womb , nobody knows what we will be a girl or a boy . All our praying for the healthy delivery of ours to which almighty blesses the couple with the good . So we come into this materialistic world where their our ruins of people who are selfish ,immature and poignant . We try to be original but somewhere in our mind we have the negativity and the inferiority complex running through our veins . Because this is a world of competition .we try to be what others want to be not what we are and at this point we loose our selves and loose our relation from soul . The problem lies that we dont have time for our own selves ,we dont look life through the doomsday view .we all want to make is money and be powerful and that’s the moment our lives are complicated .

What we need to do is spend time with our own self . Play some of our favorite playlists .dance ,sing ,and do positive things that make us happy . Abandon the world for that moment because it surely needs perks of being you .that is the moment you will find the happiest person alive and the most beautiful too . For you will realize that god had made you perfect . He has given you eyes to see his creations ,hands to use the wonders to the fullest and above all your body and mind to praise his wonders .and at this point you smile along and sing out loud the song of you are beautiful .

Beyond the seas people will make comparisons of your beauties ,but remember the time you had got the perks of being you . !

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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