Defeat to our own ABJURE!!

download (4)At times we are often mislead ,we find ourselves in a thread .We are like questions under jumbled paragraphs .We are like that one leaf which strives for freedom .We are like an ice when put down breaks.Sometimes , coincidences, love aren’t the only remedies .We find ourselves stuck in between two huge mountains fighting for our exit .Sometimes we prefer TRANCE music more then our own loved ROCK.Sometimes words don’t tend to have any meaning and anthapology seems  to lost all reference to soul.Sometimes we tend to break up from our soul and that’s the time where we feel ABANDONED.

Belonging to the happiest world before we tend to loose our charm.We see the rainbow but its black .We start finding the Dove logo everywhere , but we come across the Illuminati signs .Abridgment is what we find in every peace giving speeches .We find that center in the blue sky but it disappears for we blink.Everything starts losing its eccense .We don’t tend to rekindle the dreams we had once seen .

Joie de vivre ,is a word whose meaning stands for “THE JOY OF LIVING” seems to be non existing in our dictionary .When every things fail we try our hand on our family .But at this point families prejudice becomes poignant too .we find ourselves in cage ,trapped like a looser team feels at loosing time. We want to re live again , start everything afresh  but we fail. .

Under the blue sky ,we then try to ask ourselves the cause . Cause of our heart break. Numerous reasons are placed before us ,but we are tangled and our exordium to this world seems to have no meaning .In the bundle of reasons we don’t see the ray of hope we just see the oceans of black.

Relief is what we ask in this messed up world of our own . Relief from our own piled up problems.Relief from our vacation from God . We tend to disbelieve the erudite  and their philosophies in their books .We all need is RELIEF.

Etymology  of the word abandonment has always gone to the root of word that spells like PRAYER.Prayers; remembering God,heals up the wounds of the ached heart.We stand up high for we have crossed the tangled reasons and finally found the one and only solution of abandonment that is “PRAYERS”.Now we tend to rejoice in the world of God, that’s the time we defeat “ABJURE”,and lead ourselves to our own “lost desires”.Repugnance is left far behind ,for we start to  travel to the road of “Enthusiasm ” .

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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