Relationships ~ THEY HOLD SO MUCH

Desktop__17Birds flying in the sky high above , take the flight to the land of their own . They bind themselves into a bond with the layers of the blue sheet . They create a temporary relationship of that of a parent and the children . Sky being the protective layer protects them from the satan or the enemy as the parent does for his children . Man is in a run always . Not belonging to a specific place or a group he travels though not being a traveller . He seeks for lifestyles , though being materialistic he generally happens to forget GOD and when he does he is generally in need of him . Selfish ,yes selfish is the word for man . But in this period of existence he beholds numerous relationships though being the temporary one ‘s .but yes some become the eternity one ‘s too . The family being the root of the relationships . Is the ever lasting one . Father mother and siblings , so much to share and love about . They feel complete with being together . Then comes the secondary relationships .the one being with the random people you meet . The friends and the people you come across . These kind of relationships are obvious . For we are humans and we ought to build the acquaintance . Speaking about the other relationships nature is the second most that comes after family . Its startling how a man is touched by the depths of oceans ,heights of mountains . how he relates every animals relation with his own . How he feeds the animal with the food early in the morning . How he discovers nature and become a part of it . Its apt to have a reference of nature in a poem or a drama or any other literature genre for the erudites writing them have been deprived from the world and have jumped in the ocean of nature . Then if we talk about the social media it is shockingly interesting to know how we try to imitate our lives with that of our favourite actor , journalist ,or any other celebrity . Its awesome how we imitate the movies and cry on the emotional scenes . I am sure about this because my mother does cry . How music has become a part of our daily lives . Music ain’t only the nirvana songs or beetles discography its about how waterfall creates music , its about how we hear the voice of hammer digging a hole , its about every maid uttering while washing the utensils . Its about having a long walk alone and birds chirping .

Relationships ain’t only about humans . On hunting animals we being humans make a terrible act . We don’t reflect the pain of the mother of the little one who has been killed by us or vice versa . Patriotism is the strong word for relationships . Love for one country . Its like having love for your existence . Martyrdom can explain patriotism very aptly . Its a worth lesson taking thing how people take their whole life for fighting and then suddenly die in the midst of nowhere . They are true legends . Count your work as the relationship that’ has been made to be the first priority . Be whatever kind of work you love to work and don’t like just to lay around .

Conclusions relationships ain’t only about fathers and mothers .or siblings and cousins it about the depths of nature and the things around the wall . Spin the curtain , revolve the globe , flip the diary ,sprinkle the water from fountain for there is the possibility you will understand the word RELATIONSHIPS ~TAKBEER


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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