Colours ~ they give us a LESSON !!!

isColours , mere word of six alphabets,
Speak so much though ,

Waking up in the morning ,
The yellow light of the sun welcomes you
To the world of hopes and gives you birth .

They let you go in trance ,
For they have depth that is un known ,
Looking up at the green sheet where I lay my feet it says me prayers that I utter with the flowing tears ,

Well on closing the eyes while meditating ,
Black cover of wallpaper occurs ,
That calls for repentance , that calls for God ,
I open up my eyes and cry for forgiveness .

blue above us and the survival colour for many
Has both the density and depth
Birds which dive into the blue sky ,
Fishes which swim accross the blue lines ,
Yet they tell me the stories ,
Of the never giving up tales ,and
I learn the victory .

Becoming the ruler of my own life
I craft for several other things ,
The golden colour peircing through the window ,reflects the spirit of the kid drawing on the sheet of paper .

The silver lining of the moon ,
Shows way to me when stuck in work
I learn the angel it has been drawn
And my way is shown .

The red light that comes out from the sky
When looked and starred
Gives a flash back to past
And gives a way to build
An impeccable future .

Above all comes the king of colours,
Hoisted for the peace by erudites ,
It stands erect when a bird flies through sky
It marks the victory and defeats the devil
Its the white colour which beholds the crown !


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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