An intrude flight !

On the top of the mountain , I once laid my head
Didnt want to move,for I had smelt my dream .

Accomplishment is what marks the end,
But I needed to step one more degreeimages

For me that time I had the sky target ,
It was impossible for others but I focused .

They had abandoned me for I held my head high
I accorded myself ,the permission to fly ,

They say attitude is what makes your personality ,
With adversity I just let myself be what I was .

I had smelt the victory ,i was already in the sky ,
Suddenly I saw some birds lying with me .

They had become my partners for we lived together ,
Saying me good bye they took a flight to search for food.

Waited for them for days and centuries
When somebody told me they had went to GOD ,

I was antipathetic , I was in vacuity ,
I saw my life intricated and deluded ,

I closed my eyes ,i saw myself ,
I opened my eyes I was On ground .

A poignant substance entered my body ,
I felt weak ,forlorn and lean .

I smelt the reason behind this situation ,
I got the answer which was impeccable ,

I had tried to fly like a bird ,
In the greed had smelt the victory .

But I was in dark for I was unaware
Of falling down from heights ,

My eyes were red ,they bleeded
As I saw my soul on ground ,

I smelt the reason they had vacated me
I praised them for their affluent judgment ,

Promised myself to be humble to GOD ,
for he gives things in the written time

I wasn’t upset ,for finding myself on ground
Rather I was felecitated for my soul was reborn !!!

-takbeer !

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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