curved , spined , tangled I lay myself on bed
Thinking about the stars I had been gazing so far ,
I could reflect just upon the facts
I could reflect just upon miseries

Man intelligent then other live forms
I asked this question many times to God

why on earth man was so complicated
Why didn’t he made man less beautiful ,

If he had to be mortal
Why had he to create him feelings

Life is in many forms
A cow giving birth to calf

A deer eaten by tiger
A human boy sulking milk ,

None seems to live perfect
For he is to die one day !

This thought has been depriving everyone
This thought has been poignant ,

What is there after life?
What if we die today?

There would be no wide sea to praise at
There would be no vast sky to hold on,

But still man moves on,
Locked his life doors finding the keys ,

Prays ,for his existence
Deluded by the fate

Disbelief in GOD ,
Abuses his existence ,

Then finally he lays on bed
With all the past memories

He cries ,he beggs for mercy
But he is laid in grave ,

The one who are still alive ,
Ponder on life ,

Judge GOD For being cruel
don’t realize the literal stuff !

Bounded in the realm of world
They loose grip which holds onto GOD ,

Falls down ,prays to GOD,
Becomes selfish , arrogant

Cycle repeats over generation
Till one day mentioned in all religions ,

Not the erudites ,nor the clergy
Would be saved from hell or heaven ,

Its the day of doom
That would judge your existence !

So do not judge GOD
For you are to be judged

Repentance is what a alive man can do
Blown off by materialistic things he is in dark .

God would be seeing him from up above
Would be writing his day of good -bye !

Un aware of this fact he goes on with dreams
Which deep inside him are already being killed

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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