constellation of stars

looks fair as a rose ,

as proud as a peacock ,

it stands erect high above

when looked from the ground

they look like a garland of golden flowers

who knows about them from beneath

its the God who did their lexicography,

sitting on a porch,

having a cup of tea,

i starred at them,

till i landed in my dreams .

i was as white as snow

standing in a garden though solitary,

i had something in my hands,

that were as hot as fire

i looked at them

with the black background around .

they made me as hard as a stone,

I  remember my face,it was pale as death,

i screamed for help,

because they were as

sharp as needle,

I being solitary,nobody came to me , but 541984_348485641885664_209992052_n

something pierced me as the rose thorn pierces into the body,

I looked around and i saw my hands ,

there was nothing beside me to which i was surprised ,

I had the same porch,

the same tea cup ,

i looked above the sky ,

and the stars smiled ,

a  constellation of stars ,

had thus hypnotized me,

nothing would have been more

beautiful than this dream,

i was cold as ice ,

i had realized ,

things we have

should be respected,

for when they are lost ,

we try to crave for them,

stood up , raised my hands ,

in the glory of God,

Praised him for the life ,

and for the things he has

vouch safed me with.

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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