IN THE END a WILL is what matters!!

389504_188133374616290_1378423345_nTHE minutes that would be counted as my last ,

i imagined myself in a bed of pain ,

group of relatives would be beside me

none to share my agony ,

as i imagine my death day ,

i hope it wouldn’t be same

for everyone has different story

but this world has the same till eternity ,

Why does God , produce man?

when he is not mortal ?

why does he create relationships ,

when he knows they are all fake ?

so i imagined in my dream ,

my death bed ,

i am fragile ,pale ,and about to exile

i see around me numerous unknown people ,

some crying , talking and some faking

in the corner i see two doctors

revealing the time of my days

they believed and announced it

i remembered God for he is the master ,

knowing about the time ,

people where in hurry

in was surprised though ,

because none stood beside me

i prayed inside ,my heart , i asked for forgiveness

when at that moment someone produced me a pen and a white paper

i dont remember the actual words ,but they told me to sign on the will

my heart had been a naive ,i thought for i was just worth a sign and not love

i sighed inside and signed the will .and the

reaction to me made  me numb ,

people who made me sign shook their hands in felicity

the vision before me was turning blur ,

i was as wise as a Solomon,

to realize the meaning

i prayed and asked

for the forgiveness to lord happily

for i was living in  the world of

heartless hinds

i closed my eyes and left for heavenly abode

to the place i dont know paradise or hell

but the only thing i know

the place would be better than thie

materialistic world Image



Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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