What goes inside? :- the writer writes it all !

262706_454709064590816_26031933_nI may be a random human to any person I know
But I have a heart and it has a song to be told

I don’t have high dreams for I know little
You should have known I have tears that could flow

You bang me , you flatter me , you take advantage of me
But inside you know that I am just being carried away

You draw a circle of my life by your fingers
From birth till today you ruined and you loved me with all the plans

On contrary I know your all secrets
And I praise you for your achievment

But this story knows my heart ,
For it is shy and doesn’t want to expose

I was the one who cried at every nag you had from parents
I was the one who had the share of them without any apprenhensions

I was the loved one in the family
But all my praises were for you

Because deep inside we knew
That you were the one who was supreme

I cannot help but keep sighing
For all I can reflect upon is my weeping heart and soul

You yell at me I show no grievance
You shout at me yet I remain silent

I don’t know are you not hearing my voice
Or am I failing in delivering the best from my side

I talk you get irritated , I don’t you rebel
All who is suffering is the vaccum between

The times I have gone through my past
Or the times I am going

Seems just to me as I am in a desert
Wandering over my existence

I see the same sky , I see the same birds
But bards in my life have disappeared , and tears have been welcomed .

I don’t know what makes me download trance to my playlist
I don’t know what makes my head ache while I keep my eyes open

All I know is that something is misleading
All I know is that I am loosing my flavour of existence

I don’t want tears in my eyes , for I wasn’t born to apologiez for nothing
If I have done wrong GOD is there and he would be teaching me a lesson .

I will not remain quiet for my silence needs some rest
Don’t provoke me to do a thing which would later on be regretted

I am confused , and wide awake on this night
Days of gloom seem to be my only friend in crowd .

I am not being rude in writing this poem
I am just letting my silence to go far

For I am a random human to you , but my
Heart has a song which needs to be told !


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

2 thoughts on “What goes inside? :- the writer writes it all !”

  1. There are serious flaws in your narration. You started this piece in first person narration and abruptly switched to second person. you shall avoid such mistakes in your write-ups. if you start writing in first person,continue with it till the end. switching the narration style in between is considered inappropriate.

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