Tracing the truth !

As buds of rose plant spread the fragrance of the coming flower, child brings beauty to home ! the time birds fly to the cloud nine just to reflect their victory , my fish in acquarium struggles for a wider space ! And man , to some extent struggles between pain, and blessings and hence finds himself in delimma . Times may have occured to us when there is absolute misunderstanding of subjects, where we want to feel the other side of the wall .for we know coins have two faces !

Sometimes we wonder about the things going on. Sometimes we dont want to be attracted to present only,sometimes its the reality that chases us to find the answers !we try to find the reasons for the entrance of a person in our life,or for the doubts that come up by the prudence of him. Sometimes things happen in a way that as if they were planned . We dont see any truth in a statement , doubts and dont’s crop up . It doesnt depend on how gallant we are, sometime situations occur so that we feel helpless and a breakdown goes inside us .

We feel the piqueness due to it . We want to react but we are forced not to , we want to question but we cant ,we are in a crowd , but we are among those solitudes feelings. Situations become boastful to us.they direct us what to do or not . They dont see the right or wrong they just compell us to do things what they wanted to do and we are again numbed . And to your acquaintainces sometime you feel to throw them away , you feel to be alone just you . You feel like you are think that your other part has superseded your own self . You think your identity has been faded !

A conjecture occurs when you happen to find the answers . You want to have a granel walk with the situations making you weak . You write down a memorandum for the things that needs to be assembled . This time you dont address someone you accost them . Your countenance appears to everyone that of a feirceful tiger who wants the food but is trapped by the haunters. You find yourself guilty of choosing this path .slowly and slowly you are behaving sluggishly . they produce the answer but you behave like a fidget .

And at that time some one plays a painoforte , the notes of STRENGTH , someone plays the violin ,the notes of LIVE ON , and with these you scream till your lungs are out . You stand up and make an oath . You promise yourself to be right .you pledge to play with the circumstances , to travel the path of DESTINY . and the songs that were sung to you in ear where the notes from God ,which made you realize LIFE is a road of destinies , we ought to travel them and existence is what we ought to fight for !


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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