Journey to the word ‘Fight ‘

never_give_up_by_jimmy_valvano_poster-r6ac5166b0b344341be492a354b8f6455_w2u_216I was on my journey to a UN -known land , which I hadn’t decided yet ! I had a mood of travelling to some distance after a long time and finally I led my journey to UN -known land . I started it by packing my one and only companion who would be there with me till I ended this journey , that was my pack bag , in it I kept some water , as I would be walking and I would need it because of the breathlessness , and some cookies and nuts that I could gulp down through my journey , and here I was lacing up my shoes , and heading towards gate I looked back and waved a bye to my place as I would be far for a month .through all the events at my home from packing my bag to closing the gate , I WAS finally on road !not having any map , nor having a clue of any place I started my first step at around 5 :pm I remember some how !
While I WAS walking down the street a thought stuck my mind, that places are nothing without people living in their , so I had a plan , I decided to capture various traditions and customs people so that I come little closer to humanity !

I started my work in a cottage nearby , there were many small children and some hens , taking care of there eggs , and a old woman who was sitting knitting a sweater most probably . I approached to her while her white , grey eye brows frowned at me , at first I thought that my presence would upset the woman but I WAS glad to see her smile . I introduced her to myself and told her my visit to her was’actually a part of UN known journey to which she smiled and said ‘ that I would probably be a person who would be just sitting around and doing nothing , and relaxing the whole day ‘ to which I replied that no I WAS a person who was just seeking a holiday from world . As we were talking , some sounds of utensils banging each other came from the inside house , as I WAS just trying to figure something out , a woman came like a furious tiger scratched the little children and took them inside , I WAS wondering what actually would be this little girl facing ? Is it something a step mother doing to her husbands children ,or is it a mad woman in anger just letting the conversation end , crafting some of the reasons the lady had a huge sigh of relief with which I could see the melancholy of the house . She started speaking , she told me how these children where being made target of madness of a couple who call themselves the parents of the child but in reality they were not less then enemies . She further told me how these children of heaven where being given the life of hell and then I asked about her , how did she manage ? She just spoke one word ‘I fight ‘with the circumstances and I remain ‘silent ‘ . Saying this she stood up and told me adieu ‘ , and I had a quick pray for the children and I left the place . Seeing the cottage from a distance I had walked , it looked so beautifully made and it gave out the fragrance of happiness to any visitor passing by , but who among many would have ever thought about the misery laying inside . Maybe I was sent by GOD TO help them or maybe to learn something , or maybe just to give me a omen about something . I walked a distance more and I had a rest . Now the scene was totally different . I had completely forgotten the people I left behind .I yet again started my journey with a smile . Just then I had ordered my sand wich in a cafe nearby I had a long starring by a cop who was wearing his uniform and all the weapons were intact . As time went on I started a conversation with him I told him what was the army deciding to start with , and I told him who I was . He answered my questions he had the word ‘fight ‘ in every sentence , I stopped him and asked him what did the word actually meant to him ? He answered that it meant to ‘survive ‘ and he told me that he must be get going as he was running out of free time . I waved him a good bye , and in a dilemma was I . Because in a day the people I ‘d met had spoken nothing but this one word ‘fight ‘ . I was finished with my lunch and I started walking again. There was a mosque in a street and I decided to enter . When I entered I saw a spiritual atmosphere , and I started uttering my prayers when I had a look on a child who was trying to enter with his one leg wrapped in a bandage . I went to him and tried to help him enter the door . As I let him through the door he kept on praying and reciting the versus which he had learnt by heart . I asked him , after he finished that what according to him was a prayer ? He looked at me with eyes full of passion and courage and answered me ‘my prayer is my fight ‘ , I pray for the help of God who could let me fight against the world . As I was hearing the word ‘fight ‘ for the third time a sheet of darkness appeared and I heard my phone ringing . Rinsing of my eyes as I saw myself in my room not on any road and as I saw myself paralyzed from a month ago I saw myself in a death condition . suddenly as I reflected to my dream I had just watched,i  lift my hands  in air to pay my gratitude to GOD , WHO HAD SEND a message THROUGH DREAM that no matter how weak you feel he is always there and I should so that I never give up ! This article is for those people who think they are somehow abandoned by god , and who have just three words i n there dictionary ‘i give up ‘ . I with my own experience that life is much beyond ‘i give up ‘ and GOD knows well when to take you to himself . I give up is a devils phrase which over powers I live . Let us together bind ourselves and ‘FIGHT ‘ !!!


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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