I made a story out of it !


Pen at rest

I was lying on my bed when I had a ‘grenade ‘ in my ear by bruno who was on mars , my neighbour taylor told me that I’should never mind ‘ for she had taken my swift car , I had a journey through a ‘photo graph ‘ from nickle black , but it was ‘locked out of heaven ‘ by bruno who was on mars , then my hands sparkled while I had ‘diamonds’ of rihanna playing on my fingers , I had a my ‘breath less’ night when shyane shifted to me in another hospital ward , I recollected a time when only ‘you and I ‘ where together with scorpians being behind the scene , I knew that ‘you were trouble ‘when taylor came back along with my swift car , she told me that weather wasn’t good for ‘one night stand ‘ so I called…

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Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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