I want to be the STAR !!!

386040_360263997403226_253555642_nSTANDING  in a line , observing people
I was all bored and ready to leave

But was bounded as we had to watch a movie
Had been waiting for so long in a que

I imagined all the time what it would be like
If I would be the actor of the un watched movie

The feeling was so amazing that I started saying script
Waking me up by pushing me from fancies

I left the line as I wanted to be the STAR
And not the audience

I was in a crowd of more than a million
Stage was looking as a newly bride

The anchor called out the names of singers
I thought my name was echoed

I went up to the stage by climbing the stares
When my friend woke me up from the world of fake

I screamed and I left the crowd
For I wanted to be right there on the stage and not in the crowd

I wonder why I have to smile to there snaps
Why I have to immitate them

Would be there a time when I would be in the hearts of million
When I would be in the posters of new york

For I don’t want to be in a crowd or a line
For I want to be the real STAR !


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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