Being Blank doesn’t take even a MINUTE !

302636_153746974721597_28564639_n was sitting on a bench with my flute
A child of venus came up swinging

She sat on my lap as I played with her
we laughed , giggled , and teased each other ,

A silence crept into my heart , as if my heart was taken away
Seeing me numb she asked me what happened ? ,
I being BLANK couldn’t utter a word ,
For I didn’t know myself what was the misery

I told her to go and play
For I wanted to be alone

I recall the moment what had happened
And I found out the reason

I had remembered my childhood
When she came and sat with me

I had remembered how I used to do the same
It was my childhood that had made me blank

On another night I looked through a window
I saw the same old trees standing erect

A butterfly on a leaf spreading love
Gave me a jerk type and I was again lost

Nurse came up to me and asked her query
I suggested her to leave me alone

I went back to my memory lane
To figure out the numbness

I recalled that , how the butterfly
Had made me remember the child of venus

I remembered how she sat on my lap and smiled
I remembered how I played with her and how she made me blank !


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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