You are still alive : )

In 73276_355070351255924_1400320856_nmy life I have been taught thousand of things
To which the bestest our among my grannies

I remember the time when we used to dine for long
And she used to tell me the tales in short

having the wine of glass she compared it with life
To which I childlishly replied ‘ life is liquoir ‘

Sitting for long at the edge of hearth on cold nights
I touched her fingers which told un revealed stories

She once held my hand in the garden of roses
And taught me some of things which I recall through memoirs

I do recall how she told me that life is nothing but struggle
For she had travelled the path of it

She told me that how I should be clever enough
To touch the sky, and end the downs in life

I remember she told me sleep was another form of death
To which I had replied ‘then why do we wake up the next morrow ‘

Through all these years where I could just see her pictures hanging on walls
How I wish I could reverse the time just to get her back

and at the last stage of her life
She told me one wise saying

Being rich isint the great thing
All the power lies into your thinking

When today I recall these little things
I pray to GOD for all the blessings

I may not have smelled the velvet on your body
But I do remember your rich advices

Granny , I may have not talked to you in dreams
But my heart wishes to have the replica of yours .

‘lying in the grave , eaten by mamothes you are
but still alive in my mind you are, you ain’t poor that you died so early

You are the princess who is remembered every night I hold my lead in my hand ‘

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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