My childhood wasn’t bombs and guns :|

405793_182819731814321_140326475_nI played with the ludo dice when it stopped at 6
I saw a smile on my mothers face , I had made her proud

Calling for both of us my father came with the food
With hungry tummy I jumped on it and it was all clear by four

As the clock struck 4 I went out to play with my mate
We skipped , we climbed we swam and we kissed

It was dawn I returned back and saw my mother crying
I fell  on my knees , and I ask her the reason

Not in the position of answering my question
A friend of us , said the story of my trapped father

I was shocked to hear about the tyranny
I was full of revenge but I was bounded

16 years have passed from the incident that took my father away
But I being the one child couldn’t get over it easily

my mother died after three days from the incident I was left with my uncle all wandering

Through all my upbringing I had a question laid in my heart
What actually did they do to my father

Now I am the youth of my country all matured
now I am the son seeking justice for my father

But justice ain’t that easier for a normal man like me
So , I got back to razor blades and gun shots

I lost my innocence when I stepped in the cruel world
I joined the group of people who are called the terrorists

I wish to get justice for my dead parents
So that I call myself a son and not a killer

I wasn’t meant to be a person I am today
For my childhood wasn’t with bombs and guns !

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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