Afghanistan and America , part of the same world

World , so huge with number of capitals , dozens of countries , millions of roads , billion of streets , different types of humans , some physically challenged some business tycoons , some deaf and dumb and some middle class , some atheists and some strong believers , so much disparity but still they all claim to be the part of same world . Beautiful girls with gown wrapped on there bodies playing on the soil of USA are totally different from the little girls preparing food in the kitchen with hardly one cloth put on themselves . Being the part of same world the people have created such a huge gap that they are easily differentiated into sections and bad or good people . Where USA being the industrialists country , where people are known for the best education and polished manners , where the buildings our so huge that one keeps on starring at them till the moon shines out , where even the young girls are princess of there households , and Afghanistan389504_188133374616290_1378423345_n the country of terrorist as they call it . Being poor in resource people generally get to begging , and killing themselves , and women’s to earn money sell their bodies for the pleasure of the rich men , the young boys who are brain washed to work for agencies creating bombs are promised back for the lacks of rupees .

Why is there so much disparity when we know that the world is one , we all our the sons and daughters of one GOD , and we all have to return to him one day . Why let one country enjoy the benefits of gods blessings and other just repent upon his existence . This is pity , on humans who have created these difference . Did the american agencies before arresting the terrorist ask him the story of his journey to a child to terrorist ? Did he had a chance to reveal his number of breathes taken in happiness . No is the answer , can’t we just make GOD proud in being one ? Can’t we just hold our hands and languages to utter just the words of god and make him proud of his creations ?

Asking someone about the crime he has made or why he is so rich ask him as the angel sent from the god that WHO ACTUALLY YOU ARE and I bet both of the kind of persons will be dumbfounded . Its not AFGHANISTAN OR AMERICA THAT IS RICH AND POOR it is the humans who are immature about the pains of each other !


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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