with opening our eyes for the first time in life we see the faces of our parents and nurses and other kins present in the room .parents feel blessed that night , to have us with them ,their ultimate dream of becoming parents is successful , they also would be babies in their past making their parents dream come true . so when we think for a change in our life or when we focus our minds to a certain thing we have a dream . our grandparents reproduced  our parents which were their dream and our parents reproduced us which were dream for both now for us we could dream about the family of our own , this is the history , that has been flowing , gathering these thoughts i take dreams to next level , in this world which is faster , competitive , a person needs to have a certain  center .a painter would dream of being the world;s famous painter , or a musician would dream of becoming the famous of all . so dreams aint only the things we see in our mind during night it is the focus the center of our minds.what we think to become , what we end up in turning up is our dream !!

many people critically have observed the word dream for every thing there is a double face .when people especially teenagers fail to achieve what they had dreamt  of they feel deprived of everything because in teenagers the syndromes are active to the feelings of pain and happiness , they have what we call MOOD SWINGS .when they are put down by the parents or rejected by the authorities they liked , they become rebellious they are actually not rebellious they are the teenagers who are asking for their dreams . with this failure in life the teenagers stop dreaming and they loose faith in god . this is the critically claimed disadvantage of dream .

with the numerous examples of real life heroes according to me dreaming is ‘int a critic  should dream of the things that are possible that are up-to the boundaries of becoming realities . when a person dreams of his good things he works hard to achieve them .

the period from dream and reality are full of omens and signs . omens and signs are the in indication towards the settlement and positiveness of any dream and vice verse . usually sent by GOD for the love he directs him to take further steps to achieve his dreams and reality .


so in today’s world we here dedication and hardwork leads to success dream so that your dedication proves worthy and dream because wings fly this way !! ..


“following his dream Michael Jordan who was apparently disqualified for the basketball team he became worlds famous from time immemorial 🙂 ‘


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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