incredible INDIA :surely it is

India , a five letter word but so much to talk about it . A country , a dream country , a survival for many , a closure for many , a homeland for thousands yet its called INDIA . When British ruled India people were charged ruthlessly and wastefully , without any fault , and the Indian govt revolted back and got the British leave India and be a democratic country . Talking about democracy in India a 18 year would probably tell you some stupid history books definition .. Seeing the nature of people living in India unity and democracy are the two factors which could help in upgrading the country . But people here are so busy that they just see there comfort . Unless and until nothing happens to there families they are alright with the happenings of others but the minute it comes to themselves they are like wild animals . Gone through many varies , protests ,India has witnessed the numerous of protest from third parties and from party within. Talking about the security , the types have been clearly classified as internal and external . External security being the threats from terrorists and internal being from disease spread or the religious groups . maintaining the dignity this large country has been very much able to clean and clear up the external threats . But the internal threats still remain their. Living in the age of 21 century where people claim to be independent and democratic are still holding the feeling of escapism and silence . Delhi being the capital is a very busy and exclusively meant for the bureaucrats type city has a life which can be threatened by any high tech groups . The recent act of 6 rapists raping a girl until she is founding unconscious and nude is the act where the question of security exists . Question is does democracy means banning girls from being out of their homes in night and letting the rapist randomly move on roads ? People marching towards India gate asking for justice are mistaken . Because the government is sleeping and doing nothing. For them its just like another rape case and then arresting the rapists and claiming the justice does arresting only justify this case did the mother of girl gave birth to her child just to arrest her criminals ? The government should increase the police number they should check the recorded spots of rapists and get them sealed they should impart education to all so that the values that make a human being a citizen . Hanging rapists alone wouldn’t help for their are thousands more waiting for a girl to pass . They should check the wine shops and ban them respectively . Tinted glass on transport should be removed as soon as possible . Escapism and limiting time for girls to be out wont help until the government wakes up . You and i maybe far away from such mishaps but their are zillions who are living in the fear of this ,

‘let the candles be lit up , let the bud grow in flower , let the butterfly spread its wings , let the world live and let not the Satan rule ‘ : beer417077_235437783219182_455370927_n

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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