begginnings and prayers

21802_343638822399077_678414807_nlived the life like a princess of london
A fairy for her parents

She was a girl of 24
She was a girl beholding to her dreams

Climbing up and down trees in childhood
Her parents wished for her a future

Nourishing her with the best values
They let her spread her wings in open air

Flying her life she had a happy go life
Her bright eyes twinkling with light

set up a journey on 18 dec ’12
With a friend of her who was her partner

A gang of 6 drunkards unaware of fear asking politely the guy about their need
The guy innocently replied and was banged till he fell to his knees

Shocked by the fall of her mate
Girl trapped in confusion came into the web of 6 hungry wolfs

Shattering and tearing  her body apart
They left her on road forlorn and half -dead

They ran for they didnt want to be caught
she the fairy for her parents was left tortured

Nobody helped her just for the safety of themselves
Yet they call themselves brothers and sisters

The next day she was examined to the question of her survival
Which the doctors claimed to be foggy

I do not know what would be the story tomorrow
But being a girl i write down my sorrow

Its midnight all shut and darkened
I sit and write the pain i feel

Oh my sister i may be not with you
Oh my sister i may not see you

I may not be litting up a candle
I may not be cursing the media

I am just sitting in my room at midnight
Holding a pen and my mind

With you i write to the world
With you i write for you

You will be alright i pray this night
i will never let you close your wings

Closure happens for the ones who arent child of god
You have all the prayers and begginigs your way .

May the sun lit its rays on you on upcoming morrow
Let you show the world that you are the girl who lived like a princess of london 🙂


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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