time changes!!

359e533de7ffa5885400f19497631ebd Turkish_Sufi_music_in_the_air_in_Abu_Dhabi_-1 images (1) imagesfrom the minarets of Purana qilla in DELHI , i could feel the king roaring his speeches, from the walls of it i could smell the blood , from every leaf  and flower grown their i could just feel the hard work and above all from the sky up above it i could feel the time !! when mughal ruled India Delhi was a city whose  at every step had mughal foot prints and whose every road had the essence of the march followed by some social revolutionary .. the Sufi music which thrilled the doors and windows of qilla with the musicians greater in every aspect , came inside the building and filled the hearts of kings with melody and love for GOD , who ever had realized that the waving of head by Sufi lovers would gradually change into the head banging of the rock music lovers . no matter what the music is like , no matter who are the people alive it is the music which has marked the fragrance of the tombs who talk with the sky about  their untold and unrevealed stories . time flies so badly . if we go on  counting the generations India has seen the present generation would be considered as the most powerful of all . from the mughal rulers DELHI came into the fragrance of Sufi music , kings sitting on their thrones would heir worlds greatest Sufi masters and would wave their heads in the love  for GOD . Sufi actually is the music which reminds us of the power of GOD , Sufism is the love for GOD . as time passed and people came to 21 century they claimed themselves as the real rock stars , and synchronizing  their music taste they are in love with the English genre of music that is ROCK . as yesterday i went for the concert of an Afghanistan rock band #DISTRICT UNKNOWN they clearly left a huge remark on the hearts of the audiences out their . they clearly removed the doubt that every Afghanistan is not  a terrorist . from the homeland of bombs and grenades they lit the DELHI city with some of the rock music which as a audience i should say was  beyond competition . so , its not just about the centuries or people living in their its about MUSIC . how music loves to connect different people and how it can just get back to the memories of the past .. so when my kids would come into this world i would love to tell them stories about music how it connected people from all aspect and my kids would be able to smell the generations that the minarets have lived with !! i RESPECT the music of the decades for it is helping the distances to be far away 🙂


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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