GOD is He really in NUMBERS ?

whitewe were children of gardens , we were the student of teachers ,we became the graduates of college ,we became the doctors of the patients ,we became the engineer of world’s hugest bridges ,we became the king of the town , we became the lover and the beloved ,we became the coolest mom & dad of our child .we became old and turn into grannies ,we lay in our bed of ultimate sleep an STILL the life moves on!

ever wondered on the circle of life that how is it possible that the person we hardly know turns out to be our travelling friend for some certain journey , or the patient lying on the bed praising doctors skill even if doctor ain’t sure about his survival , or how birds make homes on trees and how monkeys imitate our actions and give us the replica of them via their reaction !! i have hardly known a fewer persons who might have wondered about these little things going around in their  life for they  have become so busy that they hardly care about the super natural thing , the ultimate life that is GOD!! .. going through the existence of life of a persons  today people term it as the blessing of natural things for eg water , air , food not realizing that these are the evolution of GOD himself !! people live in a country of thousands of different races , colors , and sexes and beliefs they have different prejudices and they have different attributes towards each other for they dont realize that they all are the sons and daughters of the same GOD and for they have to return to him !! making idols , making temples, making mosques and raising slogans , wearing the christ around neck or having a big bhuddhist prayer flag would make no difference if the HEART is black !! for the GOD is one and his teachings is for all and the teaching is the TRUTH and PURE !!every religion teaches us the path to GOD it is the humans who have created the idols, who have created the slogans creating different faiths and sometimes grudges into there hearts !! praying all the day and night wont help unless and untill the practices are right ! for example a poor doesn’t pray  the way his religion teaches him to but before leaving his house he just asks GOD for the blessings  with a pure heart . and later in the day he really works hard and and earns his livelihood !!on the other hand a capitalist prays all day and night praying to GOD that he should be able to grab all wealth from money and curses the poor in his prayer it is so damn obvious that he aint going to prosper ! this is a difference … for many praying GOD is puja and doing stuffs that their religious books say and for some it is the CONNECTION WITH GOD !!GOD doesnt judge people as common man does by just pointing the defaults he sees the conditions and he sees the conditions of heart and REWARD  us with the same !! so am not claiming that my religion is best or the practices of people are wrong this article is just the ground for many those who still believe that praying doing the religious stuffs would please GOD !!so going back  home tonight or today,  have a long breathe and ask yourself that  am i  praying with the clean heart or ask your self how many times i have prayed for the other needy ones this might sound to you somewhat freaky but just give a try ,what if GOD lets you smell his WONDERS then !!!


Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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