leaving me deserted

My fancies were such that he would remain their
My heart as if exiled from my body
I glowered on the black sheet of sky

Asking some questions to sky
I sprawled on my folding bed
How i wish my inklings,
To get drenched in the way of hope

When i went on the road of sleep
My mind was haunted with his wild images
I was forlorn in my dreams too
How i wish you would be there atleast

But they say time flies, people come and go
You were a part of my life which crept out hastily
Now, i am hear crowering
And you’re fine their exuding me

They said love was extremely another world
I am bewildered at this,because
for me love was not more than any farce
For now i have strong feeling of aversion towards it !



Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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