LIFE – not what it seems to be !

life , is a game of luck , chances , destiny , and moreover fate , . In today ‘s world where people have lost themselves in the industrial works gaining more money , trying to become what other’s are establishing there names , building monuments , etc ! Forgetting about the supreme lord ! I may ask this question to even myself as to how many times I prayed from my heart ? How many times I stood up thanking almighty for the things he gave me the answer would be absolutely NEVER . This applies to everyone in today ‘s world . Man is so busy in making his life a worth living that he forgets the supreme power who has given him the ability to do so . We neglect the beggers on streets thinkin it might be not cool if we give them some charity . This is true but sad . We don’t realise that the body is just an outline . It is the soul inside which will count in the end . It is our deeds that will protect us on the day Resurrection . We don’t realise the ultimate reality that is the DEATH . We don’t realise that we are made by mud and we are going to be laid in mud . We don’t thank almighty for his splendid nature that allows human being to grow into roses and lilly ‘s . God forgives us but man forgets god ! This is the time we realise the ultimate reality of life , this is the time we ask questions to ourselves that are we ready for facing god . ! On this note ask yourselves these questions today and try to make changes in life because I am!!!
I qoute ‘ life is not what it actually seems to be for mirror doesn’t show what we are really inside our souls – takbeer !

Author: Takbeer Salati

I've never been a millionaire but I just know I’d be darling at it .

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