The Quest!!

What if plants lived with us. What if humanity lived together. No creed,no sex, no discrimination. No states, no philosophers. Just mankind. What if mountains weren’t the highest things . What if world didn’t exist. What is it for a noble cause. ? What is world?Ain’t humanity zombies who are just alive. Why was man sent to earth?To gain technology pursuits? To make money?To become capitalists? What for was life installed among the skeletons which are now the strongest power in the world. 

God sent Adam and Eve.. I guess they were the only humans. Yes. We aren’t there prodigy’s . No, life is mysterious. We break hearts, we have seal on it. Children leave there parents for further life. For future. Huh, how come we know our own future?

If God made humans look like ,why is someone more powerful in something or another. Why is man racing with God. ? Would there be a competition? Perhaps yes the doomsday. But that’s already written. So why is it told that the destiny is unknown. Oh God why did you sent us? Who am I God ? Answer above all my name isint myself. I am a looser. Explain my birth. I live why? Answer me with your reactions. I call out to you. I have my conscience alive. Oh lord tell me where do I belong? . Oh lord my patience has no limit now. I am suffocating. I miss my family being together. We are shattered. Yet bounded with your love. Crack the world. Give us the judgmental day. I want to see it with my eyes. Don’t bring me death before the criminal doesn’t die. Well I have made money I am the criminal. Ya rabb my heart cries .. I am anxious. Why did you made me like this ?. I am fake as plastic. Mould me damage me. I’ll crack frombeneath.

But still I move along. Cause you gave me this quest. I have this quest laid inside me. I will find the answer.


If you made me why am I competing with you. Why am I still the powerful. Who am I. What is my name. Why did I just give a birth. Oh Lord yes I have this quest and I will find my way..

Skin,our very first attire !!

Imagine world with humans having no attires on themselves. Would that be obscene? Yes ,pretty much to the context of obscenity we find in today’s cinema and in  the stories of rape that have  been described so far. It would be quite absurd on the shops that excel in the quality of fabrics. Too many pre judgments on the clothes with benefits. But is this what Lord had deviced His mankind for?

To be shopoholic? Was it the only parameter of living ? Or was it another stair created by humans,by us. I don’t know why heart ponders about the little fancy pink coat on the first row of the big mall tagged under the price tag of 1,000000.Isn’t it just made by another human like you. Or like me. The wow thing is that we know that “they are better then us”.

There would have been less nudity if there were no attires. Technically speaking our skin was the first attire our skeleton got. Got goosebumps ? Well , I Just had a thought on it and I was yes , I think different.

It wouldn’t cause much obscenity if I were of skin colour because the attire would have been already missing.-takbeer

Kill me ,Oh stranger.

I don’t know her but still she is nice to me. I am sitting like a coward hearing to her words that are meaningless to me. I don’t know her. But she came just five minutes from now saying a hello and now we shifted to meta -physical. LikeSeriously?Dude,I don’t know you. Who are you? I am sitting here on my chair okay,technically my college’s furniture. And she came you know a girl came. But who is a girl ? A human with long hair? Who has labelled her as Her and not as Him. Oh lord why so confusing? Okay she came and acted like a human. That is to say sat decently, and started talking .Is that it? Is this the reason I should call her a woman or a girl or even a human?. Oh lord what is this? Who am I? A ghost perhaps who is running the opera called world. Why am I even acting?What am I saying? What is hello?. Who created all this?OKAY ,HELLO conscience.But ain’t this all in a dictionary? What is dictionary?Oh lord ,why this day and not Sunday where I might just be sleeping. Explain to me why Sunday a holiday? What is in Sunday? Who am I? Where do I belong? I know my family is in my hometown but who is my soulmate? Who has the thoughts same as me?Oh stranger kill me before I kill you . I am now enraged by anger. But what is anger ?What am I talking about?What is talking? Who am I? What is this A B C. ? Why do I live and see? I am not Human at least. Or what is human? Is he the one with branded attire and a good accent? Book said he was the one made by mud. Mud that I see as unclean. He was said to be having two eyes who could see good. But I see naked girls com modifying themselves. He was said to have two ears to give justice to who m deserving. But oh lord I am killing the innocent. He had a nose to smell the love . But I smell hatred. Oh stranger you might be the human. Kill me before the devil me becomes the human. Kill me before I equal you. Kill me for I am the name of materialism. Kill me bfore I die successful.KILL ME,OH STRANGER .



Just a picture prompt !


Scrolling down the various images my gallery had this evening ,I came across a picture which was unique from others. Not in size ,nor it included me which would make it look better,but it had that spark which lit up the inner world of my eyes.

I had photographs of my childhood when I was eight or nine years old and I had snaps of my college life and all loved one’s which had been a part of my life’s moment at respective times. .But it’s true that with technology everything has been  hidden in a secret box,likewise science and it’s theories. Life, on a literal base is wrapped under various folders with hearts made up of the software qaulity. Today,we can touch the realms of memories through the window’s of gadgets and one doesn’t have to repent over times about the short term loss of memory. Keeping the serious one’s aside:p

    So this unique picture which I mentioned ,was a picture narrative form and the large population of the world could form it’s own facts upon it. So did I ,and it’s as follows.

From the surface she looked like a outline of some humanly figure. She like other’s had wrapped herself in the mixture of feelings and a sense of pride was missing though she should have had one. You know when stars come out she struggles with her labour pain. I don’t know her nor I am a relative to her but I could sense her with all the ampathy I could have in me. She was pretending to be dumb,deaf,blind before my eyes but the story  was that I could see her looking at me with awe,that I could hear her sobs over the belts that went around her chest as a mark of man’s power and strength ,and moreover she wasn’t dumb she was just a Woman,fragile,week.

“But we tend to forget that we have a life. We can buy happiness and can live upto it. We don’t need to be all fancy from outside but opening the door’s of love from within we can call ourseleves to be human.

I looked more deeper into the picture and I saw a girl dreaming of having feathers.  So that she could shun the tortures ,violence,hatred ,pain and live a life that only lord had gifted her with.I could sense a smell of love she had for birds especially Dove ,nightangle which gave her hope and sense of freedom.  How, she loved picking that bird on the terrace and patting it like she had found her lost husband. But who knew that humans are to wed humans?Where did this came from ?Perhaps Humans themselves . But she was different. And she had a great deal with life. She had found her soul in that bird and could smell a better life it had. It could fly to destination’s without anyone stopping it . Just a wish and it was granted by him,like being an owner to his own life.

           She had found the difference in love,and could smell the reason why heart breaks happen. She was lucky because she was in love with bird that could fly for her and bring in falls of happiness.”

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OH , I had Musings!

parchment-memories-blank-paperOKAY,yesterday I had been thinking of making some good out of life , and not just sit and wonder at my 40 ‘s that what I really did ,and what I ought to have done . Many ideas  flared up in my mind which were singing the songs of excitement . One among such ideas were to learn singing and dancing at some tutorial classes which was not very far from my home , another thought that originated within my brain was to write as much as i could in these few days of 2013 , which would be a sought of a memory journal for myself .And the entourage of thoughts went on for about an hour . After my candid little fingers were actually paining to hold on to a pen between three fingers I decided to barricade my grains of excitement my brain had to the new coming cognition’s ,and I closed the list . After I had a review of what I had written for past one hour my animations of words of my brain on paper had failed .They were packed in a tight jar of security and a little protection that didn’t let me do even half of the list . The chattels I had written down included forces of family , society , friends , personal guilt , entertainment , excitement , non acceptable , bounded by rings of people on its periphery but indeed for a layman they only embodied with pretty little desires of singing , dancing, sky diving , painting , and workshops which would let me amplify the best out of me , but I was social not the Facebook one but I lived in a society were even coming out was a great big deal . There was absolutely a great seal which bounded this sheet of paper with my heart and all I could do is wait for somebody to break it from beneath.

Within one hour , I was back to my surroundings like i could feel the presence of my belongings that were so cozy because of winter snow flakes that had turned the greenery into grey thoughts and the life had a halt signature . It felt like I had lost all the power which laid within myself before I could see the empty lines of paper and I was like a dead bird attacked by the powerful force from the sky only .


Talent In A Soul .

They stand up giving away her a standing ovation ,She cries out of happiness and her mom is overjoyed.Her healthy curls wrestles  down her cheeks and she loves the camera  lights  making  her  skin  look  even  more  brighter  ,beautiful. Jury asks her age and she replies 5 ,I spell it for  her  five,and I drop my sipper and the water splashes.Nobody  is expected  to believe  that  a five year old LUCY sang “SOMEONE LIKE YOU” by”ADELE”, so perfectly .Every note and every flow was apt at least it felt  like  it was ,BRAVO.  But ,Lucy had made history  and there  were  many like her suffocated  in that big line  of minds of different  people  who  dream  of becoming  a super star  ,well on contrary I just wished  to become  a star after  I died, One race with so many differences ,lord bless  my heart .It was the best reality  show  I have had ever scene ,people from  all  over  the  globe  came  and represented  there  talents starting  as strangers in the beginning .The game  was simple  ,but there  were some strategies .The participants needed  to prove  there  talents to audiences who  could  vote  for  them in future,easy?NOT THAT MUCH , they had to maintain  there  health  ,look good ,beneath beautiful  as “LABYRINTH” sang beautifully  in his  track.They  had to look real and somewhat let go there  family,emotions and flow continuously.Was  it a  Perfect  life  that they describe?Was it that every  teenagers  wanted  from  Heart?I pondered  on these  questions  while Lucy was chosen the  winner of Five Lacks ,again five my mouth  whispered.Was I jealous about Lucy ‘s talent  of singing ?Or was I  surprised  of the factor of five  in Lucy ‘s Life  ,Or was I realizing my life’s wastage,in the duration  while  Lucy had won,I closed  the internet  and went  off to sleep .                                                                                                                                                                                        I generally  don’t  remember  any of my dreams  ,but this  particular  one  had installed  in me as a software  in computer  and  I took  out the  pen and paper  ,and wrote it down   as ,”Talent in A soul”.Where I realized  that  each  one  of us,I am talking  about  you as well ,yes YOU ,have talents  that  are unique  ,and no Lucy can ever judge them by what she  has as a TALENT,because we all are born  from  ultimate  talent  that  is LORD  ,and the sooner  you realize it the more  talents  you will let go because  trust  me there is TALENT IN EVERY  Soul .